The problem...

There is a need for this invention in the community of all parents, but especially the ones on the go. Modern world seems to require us to do everything fast these days, because we don't have much time. Most of the parents are working and are very busy. So we need solutions that accommodate modern world living. When I was a parent with infants, I endured all sorts of problems with bottle making. Formula clumping, air pockets and various temperatures of milk. Additionally, any time I went to parks, or any other public places, I found myself struggling to find warm water that is perfect to mix formula, and I couldn't thaw any of my frozen milk bags. All of the hurdles mentioned above made my parenting stressful, wishing for some solution. 



The invention you will see below is not just a product, it is a result of my imagination to the problem that I wanted to fix for myself, as well as others. This invention is an idea that could help so many parents, and it is my hope that it comes to life. When it does, baby bottle making will never be the same. We can create new bottles, but we can also create bottles that change the process of milk preparation itself, leading to new outcomes, promoting joy and human advancement one step at the time!

The Solution!

The baby bottle apparatus has been designed to heat and mix formula or breast-milk in a matter of a minute or less. 

By just simply clicking the button, the rotating device will mix and the heating plate will heat the mixture, while the heating sensor will detect when the the liquid has reached its perfect temperature. No more testing water/milk on your wrist. This technology is designed to prepare your milk clump free, air free, and perfectly heated.